Skype Safety Tips

Safety tips for AddMeContacts

Number of Skype users is growing day by day. Currently Skype has more than 300 million monthly active users. What does it mean for users? Is it good or bad? Well. AddMeContacts users are big fans of Skype and growth of community means lots of new Skype contacts.

Now lets compare Skype with country. USA population for 2013 is little bit more than 300 million people. This means Skype is a big “country” where users are people who live in that country. Living in big countries is bit more dangerous than in little ones. That’s why lets think about safety on Skype. Especially on Analyze the following cases and try to avoid them for your own safety:

  1. Stranger adds you on Skype from AddMeContacts directory and offers some services for money.  ADVICE: Make sure you really need that service and they provide trusted payment method. Otherwise block immediately.
  2. Stranger adds you on Skype from AddMeContacts directory and sends file via Skype. ADVICE: In 99.99% of cases they just sent you a malware/virus for you to execute. Don’t accept the attachment. Block them immediately.
  3. Stranger adds you on Skype and asks you to send your nude pictures or get naked in front of camera. ADVICE: Do not send your nudes and do not strip in front of camera to strange people. Let them to earn some trust and reduce the risk. In some cases strangers are blackmailing that they will share your nudes on internet and asking for something to avoid the publish.

Great you read it! Now you are smarter. But please take into account that always there can be a new case of dangerous activity. So always use your brain to analyze. Safe Skype!

37 thoughts on “Safety tips for AddMeContacts

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